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DEI Protect-A-Wire


DEI Protect-A-Wire kits provide thermal protection for expensive spark plug wire sets. Protect your wires from potential burning, cracking, and hardening typically caused by severe under hood heat. DEI wire heat protection kits easily install by removing the distributor boot and sliding Protect-A-Wire™ over spark plug wire.

  • Constructed from high temperature resistant glass fiber material
  • Protects electrical wiring, speedometer cable, hoses & more up to 10mm diameter
  • Includes DEI Hi-Temp Boot Shrink Tubes

2 Cylinder Kit Contains: 7 feet of sleeving & 6 Hi-Temp Boot Shrink Tubes

8 Cylinder Kit Contains: 25 feet of sleeving & 25 Hi-Temp Boot Shrink Tubes

Direct Heat Resistance:500°F
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Installation Instructions

DEI Protect-A-WireTM

PART NO. 010601 through 010632 and PART NO. 010701 through 010732 in kits


Cut Protect-A-Wire sleeving to the desired length being sure to allow for a full 1/2” of exposed ignition wire on each end adjacent to the plug boot and rotor boot.

Feed the pre-cut Protect-A-Wire sleeving onto the plug wire by pushing the material. As

  1. 2-  you push the sleeving onto the wire, pinch the wire end and slide the sleeving further upthe wire. Stop 1/2” from making contact with plug wire boot.
  2. 3-  Slide 3 Hi-Temp Shrink Tubes over the installed Protect-A-Wire sleeving.


At this point complete the assembly of your ignition wire before moving onward with the Protect-A-Wire installation.
After you have fully completed the construction of your ignition wire, position a Shrink

5- Tube against each plug boot on each end of ignition wire. The 3rd Hi-Temp Shrink Tube is placed at your discretion somewhere in the middle of the ignition wire.

7- Repeat steps for remaining ignition wires.

Activate the Hi-Temp Shrink Tubes 3:1 shrink ratio utilizing a heat gun or similar heat source. This will secure the Protect-A-Wire and complete the installation.


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2 Cylinder Kit, 8 Cylinder Kit


Black, Blue, Red, Silver, Titanium


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