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I have this Beautiful 2006 BMW 325i N52 in the shop here performing some maintenance.

The Crank sensor connector broke.

Here’s the steps I took to repair it and at the BMW part #’s so you can do the same.

In the above picture I’m giving my self a reference as to the wire order and location. Yes the new connector you will get will most likely be this blue color do not worry it is the same. The wire order in this case is from bottom to top. Yellow, black/blue, orange.

Next step I removed the remaining connector and cut the leftover pins off. BE SURE TO CUT AS LITTLE WIRE AS CAN BE. This will ensure that you are not stretching the harness and putting unnecessary strain on the pins or connector.

Slide on the new rubber seals and then strip back the wire, you only need about 1/8 ” of bare wire.

Once they all have the new pins on them insert one at a time in the SAME order as the old sensor. You will push them in until you feel/ hear a slight click indicating that they have locked in. ( the crimped side gets inserted facing up, exactly as in this picture). Once they are all in and locked in place close the locking tab that is sticking up. DO NOT CLOSE THIS TAB BEFORE ENSURING ALL THE PINS ARE LOCKED IN PLACE.

These are the BMW part numbers you will need to complete this repair

Socket housing : 1ea. 12527507526

Grommets: 3ea. 61138366245

Terminal pins: 3ea 12527545852