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BMW N52/54 crank Sensor Harness Repair

I have this Beautiful 2006 BMW 325i N52 in the shop here performing some maintenance. The Crank sensor connector broke. Here's the steps I took to repair it and at the BMW part #'s so you can do the same. In the above picture I'm giving my self a reference as to the...

2015 Ford Mustang COMP NSR Stage 3 Cam Install

Had this beautiful 2015 Mustang Gt brought in.  The owner wanted a little more HP out of it. his goal is to run some road course racing. so we got down to getting him ready to run. We installed a set of Comp NSR cams and cam phaser limiters We upgraded the pads...

2011 Audi B8 S4 DSG Transmission service and Mechatronic Replacement

Audi S-Tronic 7 Speed DSG TransmissionAudi S-Tronic 7 Speed DSG Transmission. This Post will go through the procedure to remove the S-Tronic 7 speed Transmission Mechatronic unit/ Valve Body. This goes along with the Audi TSB Bulletin # SB-10054213-2278 This Repair...

Acura TL

We had a 2005 Acura TL towed in on Friday last week customer said to wouldn’t go anywhere. Brought it in and checked fluid lvls smelled a bit burnt proceeded to check filter for metal shavings. Fliter was in need of service but no signs of internal failures. Furuther inspection of the drive line came up with a broken half shaft/ CV joint.

Volvo XC90 Rear Differential Repair

A customer approached us a little while ago about an issue that he had with his 2011 Volvo XC90. The rear differential unit was making noise, only after about 70k miles. He had talked with several other area shops and none of them had the capability to properly rebuild the differential.

300zx LSX swap & build

This posting will walk through the process we went through to complete this LSX 300zx swap. there have been quiet a few lessons learned along the way and quite a few more to go but let me start at the beginning. This 300ZX started its life as a Automatic. The owner had the car 5 speed swapped.

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